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Career Jam’s goal is to help professionals grow, change and transform their careers

Hi, I’m Bec the founder of Career Jam and my passion in life is to help you become unstuck, and choose a career that give you meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

I am passionate about working with people who are stuck or feeling they have lost the love for their current role or organisation and are looking for new challenges and ways to make their mark on the world. Having the confidence and frameworks to explore new opportunities or identify your areas for growth is where we can help. We combine inspirational talks with exceptional professionals with online courses to craft your non-linear career pathways.
The world of work is changing constantly; the way we work, where we work and how we work is evolving and sometimes our skillsets need a refresher to know where the opportunities are, how to get them and how you can identify and articulate your value.
Career Jam has been the realisation of a lifelong dream and passion to help people unlock their full potential. I’ve had 20 years of diverse community and career development experience in Europe and Australia coaching PhD’s through to MBA students at a Global Top 50 University. In 2013 I built my own startup which ultimately failed but I was bitten by the startup bug and become deeply involved in Australia’s Startup ecosystem and can speak fluent ‘startup’..
I am also a leadership facilitator and have had the fabulous opportunity to work in the international development space supporting programs in Mongolia, the Pacific, Europe and Africa.
I’m working hard every day helping others navigate their own personal and professional career journeys. I am across new and emerging careers and can help open up a world of opportunities for your skills. A fulfilling career is a key pillar, supporting the life you want to lead.

I have an incredible mission in life: supporting and educating people on how they can grow, change and transform themselves by exploring new opportunities. I hope to assist you in unlocking your potential.