Career Jams goal is to help women change careers effortlessly.

Hi, I’m Bec and my passion in life is to help you become unstuck, and choose a career that give you meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

I am passionate about working with people who are looking for new challenges and ways to make their mark on the world. I believe that leadership is a game of balance, so whether you’re managing an office full time or running your own startup from home – it all comes down those same principles: communication skills, listening more than speaking , and staying humble in victory (or maybe even just being confident enough )to know there will always be someone better out there doing what we do…
The world today will be drastically different in just 50 years; the way we work and get things done have changed dramatically over time- with each passing day bringing new challenges to face! But fear not: if you’re looking for guidance on how best handle these changing circumstances then look no further than myself because my passion lies here at your service (and feet).
With 20 years of diverse community and career development experience I have worked in Europe where I worked with:
  • UK-wide European Commission youth project
  • Eurodesk through to career consulting
  • undergraduates through to PhD students
  • MBA students specialising in entrepreneurship
I am a leadership facilitator and have had the fabulous opportunity to work in the international development space supporting programs in Mongolia, the Pacific. Europe and Africa. I’ve founded my own startup and managed a startup accelerator program.
I’m working hard every day helping others navigate their own personal
I’ve always had a natural affinity with careers, and now I’m really excited to be able to help others find their path through this program.

I have an incredible mission in life: supporting and educating people on how they can grow, change or transform themselves by exploring new opportunities. I hope to assist you to change careers with knowledge, attitude and gratitude.