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Looking for a Change?

As a mid career professional it may have been some time since consciously considered your career direction. Maybe you are feeling a little lost or external forces maybe pushing you to consider a change? Rather than dwell, wallow or spiral we want to give you the tools you need to get active and make the right career move for you. Before you quit your job, invest in an expensive course or waste the next 12mths in a job you don’t enjoy, take you first step and join the ‘Jam’.


Our Framework

We understand how it feels to be lost and uncertain about the next best steps in your career. That’s why our programs and session combine career development and knowledge of emerging careers and labour market information and real industry experts and insights so you can save time and money in making your career decisions.

Reflect on the ‘Who’ of You

Understand your values, personal work insights, what your unique value is.

Design Your Destinations

Learn career development essentials to grow and adapt your skills, capabilities and mindset.

Future Snapshot

Explore emerging labour market information, capability gaps and industry insights

Achieve Your Goal

Design your outcomes and stay accountable to your career change pathway

Check out Career Jam on YouTube for helpful career advice tips and
stories of mid career professionals just like you!


Courses Coming Soon

Change Your Career
to a Startup

Explore a range of career opportunities in startups and how to transition your corporate skills to a high growth startup.

Change Your Career to Business Analytics

Learn the key capabilities required for a variety of career pathways. Learn the ‘lingo’ and how to weigh up if a career transition to business analytics
is right for you?

Change Your Career to
Digital Marketing

Explore the increasing hybridisation of emerging marketing roles and explore careers from Marketing Automation to Head of Growth to consider if a transition to Digital Marketing is right for you?

Change Your Career to
AI and Machine Learning

Understand opportunities from research, AI and ML engineering through to responsible tech roles in Data Ethics and Governance. You can understand the skills gap and consider a career transition to AI.


Masterclasses Conducted


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Positive Feedbacks


Participants motivated to
get a new job



I did a group Master class with Career Jam, it really helped me feel enthusiastic and confident about my career options and narrow down some pathways I’ve been thinking about for ages. I wish I had done it earlier. I now have a process to evaluate career opportunities and I am so much more motivated to make a move.


Digital Marketer



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