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It’s hard as a mid career professional to make a career change
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Understand and articulate your value.

Design Your Destinations

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Build and execute a career strategy to take you where you want to go.


Find out about our tailored online courses designed to help you gain career clarity and build the skills and confidence to decide and make your next career move.


Find out about our tailored one-on-one consultations to change your career.

Career Workshops for Employees

Need to engage your workers and help up-skill to a new way of working. CareerJam can design and deliver online and face to face learning for your teams.

“I had always worked in government but wanted to make a move to industry. Careerjam got me there”


“I didn’t know what change I needed to make initially, I thought I wanted to quit my job but I figured it out through understanding what I want in a career?”


“I was so lost having been in my job for over 10 years. I am so glad I found Career Jam. I’ve made the change and couldn’t be happier. You are not alone.”


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