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Being a mid career professional can mean it’s been a while since you last thought deeply about where you want to go in your career? You may have been promoted internally and haven’t done an interview in a while, realised an area you studied in isn’t really for you or you are just in need of a change. So rather than dwell, wallow or spin we want to give you what you need to get active, making the right career move for you. Before you quit your job, invest in a course or waste the next 12mths in a job you don’t love. Take your first step and join the ‘Jam’ to get resources, education and advice just for people like you.


Our Framework

We understand how it feels to be lost and confused about the next best steps in your career.
That's why our programs and sessions start with
helping you finding clarity in your career goals
moving you to action with dedicated time and attention.
Reflect on The 'Who' of You

Understand yourself.

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Design Your Destinations

Design your pathways.

Increase Your Career Credibility

Increase your career credibility.

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Achieve Your Goal

Design your outcomes and stay accountable to your career change.

Check out Career Jam for helpful career advice, tips and
stories of mid career professionals just like you!

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Did you Know?

Career change to you may be slight or dramatic, incremental or dynamic. It could mean a promotion, a change of industry, a realignment to your values outside of work by volunteering or more challenging, complex work to solve. You are not alone in this time of change and not the only one curious about a mid career career change.
Start Here with Career Jam
2/3 of the Workforce

want to change their careers

Bored Man of Colour Leaning on his Hands Needing a Career Change
1 in 3 Professionals

say boredom is the main reason they want to leave their job

Women with Wrist Watch Time to Change Your Career
14 Years

average amount of time you spend working in a lifetime

Career Change after 4 years Calendar Reminder
4 years

Average time someone 35-44 will hold a role


Courses Coming in 2021

De-risk your next career move by taking the time to understand the bit in between
you and your career change. What do you want?

Career Transformer

Set yourself up in the new year with our online CT course to kick start your year and your career. Through a blended on-demand and live sessions course you will find career clarity, a plan and a cohort to push you to make a change. Join the launch list

Just Start, words on laptop Transforming Your Career

Change your Career to Business Analytics

Learn about the field, the job opportunities from roles as a Business Data Modeller, Data Scientist through to Analyst. You will learn the lingo, how to build your current skills, weigh up a transition plan for a career change to Business Analytics. Join the launch list.

Business Analytics on an ipad with coffee beside it

Change Your Career to Digital Marketing

Consider Careers in Marketing automation and analysis to Social Media and User Experience. Learn from industry specialists and plan to make a career change to Digital Marketing. Join the launch list.

Digital Marketing in Scrabble, Change Your Career to Digital Marketing

Change Your Career to AI

Learn about the field of AI and opportunities across AI and Machine Learning. Learn from industry the technical skill and experience required to make a career change to AI and Machine Learning. Join the launch list.

Google Home with lights on representing Change Your Career to AI

Let's Kick Some Goals

Join one of our programs to kick your career goals
Career Transition Masterclass


  • 1 hr Masterclass 3/02/21
  • Career Transition Process
  • Understanding the Who of You
  • Mapping Your Transition
  • Digital Workbook
Career Transformer Course


  • 25 Places available
  • Cohort Intake
  • Understanding the Who of You
  • Building and Executing a Job Search Strategy
  • LinkedIn & CV Group Review
  • Closed Community Cohort Group
  • Digital Workbook
  • Live and On-Demand Sessions
Change Your Career Courses


  • Chort intake
  • Guided Reflection
  • Goal Clarification
  • Careers in AI, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • How to bridge the gap; experience versus education?
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Cohort LinkedIn & CV Review
  • Digital Workbook

What they Say

I did a group Masterclass with CareerJam, it really helped me feel enthusiastic and confident about my career options and narrow down some pathways I’ve been thinking about for ages. I wish I had done it earlier. I now have a process to evaluate career opportunities and I am so much more motivated to make a move.

Charlotte Signature in Career Jam Testimonial on her Career Change

Digital Marketer


Our Blog

Sometimes you are at the bottom of the mountain looking up and all you need to do in that moment
is stop and think. Career Jam's blog is full of inspiration and advice for you making your
next career move no matter how big or small.
Career Change

Get Your Career Unstuck

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